Lara Graf - Buffalo Milk Products



Novae has been supporting local producers since 2016 in the form of micro-credits allocated to selected projects. This support fund keeps evolving, thanks to the partnership established in 2020 with Yes We Farm — the first Swiss crowdfunding platform dedicated to agriculture and food.


“By doing so, we prolong our commitment to those who play a central role in local agricultural; this is one of our convictions. By virtue of this partnership, we reinforce our commitment and we are very proud of it,” states Christian Volmerange, Managing Director of Novae.

We are delighted, once again, to be able to count on the support of Novae with whom we are developing a partnership that highlights local producers in the region along with their projects. Thanks to this partnership, the producers have greater visibility and better access to the catering sector

Nicolas Oppliger

Yes We Farm Founder

Concretely, in 2020 Novae supported the Yes We Farm platform and, in addition, helped finance 3 projects. But that’s not the end of the story! Once the financing of a selected project is successful, Novae makes the products known to its network.


La cabane à Mélissa – “Melissa’s Cabin”  To create of a point of sale at the farm, a cabin powered by solar panels.  Mélissa Pittet, Vuarrens (Vaud)

L’huilerie artisanale du Moulin du Veyron – “Veyron’s artisanal oil mill” To recreate an historic oil mill with over 300-year-old machinery to cold press nuts from neighboring fields.
The Caillat family, Chavannes-le-Veyron(Vaud). Photo: JB Caillat

Fabrication de produits au lait de bufflonnes – Manufacture of buffalo milk products To create a laboratory on the farm for the manufacture of buffalo milk products, ice cream, yogurt, mozzarella…   Bernex (Geneva). Photo of the young farmer, Lara Graf.


For Patrick Frenot, Novae’s Purchasing Director: “It’s an opportunity to find new channels and to expand the range of local products — not only in our online grocery store but in our restaurants, as well. For example, we have included an elderflower syrup from the Moulin du Veyron in our gift boxes — and we’re counting on ordering walnut oil, just as soon as it’s ready! I look forward to offering the Bernex buffalo milk products to our customers in Geneva but, best of all, we meet authentic and devoted people with whom we share the values of quality, proximity and sustainable development. These exchanges contribute to perpetuating our direct purchasing model.”