assiette no gaspi / no waste

No waste


Made with select quality ingredients, the dishes our chefs prepare are highly appreciated. Sometimes, however, dishes remain unsold at the end of the lunch service. To avoid throwing away food that cannot be kept for legal reasons, Novae has launched the “No Gaspi” (No Waste) plan.


Even though Novae’s restaurant managers and chefs strive to accurately predict the amount of food that will be needed, there are still times when dishes remain unsold. Estimating the number of people who will dine in a restaurant on a given day is ultimately an inexact science.

But the dishes with no takers when lunch is over cannot be kept, as current legislation imposes strict time limits on food storage. As a result, food that is perfectly edible must sometimes be thrown away. Unfortunately, this legal obligation often contributes to food waste.


This is why Novae has launched the “No Gaspi” programme. In the early afternoon, the company offers unsold ready-made meals, marked with the “No Gaspi” label, at a 50% discount off the original price. In addition to reducing food waste, the “No Gaspi” plan also offers a new option for clients who wish to take a dish home for dinner.


This plan to fight against food waste also includes a quality control procedure designed by Novae’s nutrition team and approved by the Swiss Federal Food [A1] Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO). The “No Gaspi” programme reflects the commitment Novae made to social and environmental responsibility over a decade ago. Intended to add value to unsold food in Novae’s restaurants, this concept also contributes to waste reduction.


How does it work?


About one hour after the end of the lunch service, the restaurant team will package leftover foods in reusable containers (on deposit) or 100% compostable packaging (made from sugarcane pulp) marked with a NØ GASPI label on a PLA lid (made from corn starch) along with the use-by date.

The “No Gaspi” foods will be placed in a designated section of the refrigerated cases in Novae’s restaurants. In addition to meals offered during the lunch service, you will also find a selection of cold starters and desserts.