assiette no gaspi / no waste

Novae launched the “No Gaspi” concept


Created with select quality products, the dishes prepared by our chefs are greatly appreciated. However, sometimes meals are left unsold by the end of service. To avoid throwing away these meals — which cannot be kept for legal reasons — Novae launched the “No Gaspi” concept.

Even though Novae’s restaurant managers and chefs constantly optimize their consumption forecasts, occasionally some dishes remain unsold. Indeed, restaurant attendance is not an exact science.

However, dishes with no takers when lunch is over cannot be kept. Regulations dictate very strict consumption time limits. As a consequence, sometimes perfectly edible dishes have to be thrown away. Unfortunately, this legal obligation contributes to food waste.

With this in mind, Novae launched the “No Gaspi” concept. Early in the afternoon, the company offers unsold ready-made meals, marked with the “No Gaspi” emblem, with the added benefit of a 50% discount. Food sold this way is a new alternative for clients who might like to take a dish home to enjoy in the evening.

This system, which intends to fight against food waste, also applies a quality procedure developed by Novae’s nutrition managers, and is approved by the Consumer and Veterinary Affairs Department (SCAV). Finally, “No Gaspi” is in line with the social and environmental responsibility objectives that the company has been implementing for over 10 years now. Designed to add value to unsold food in restaurants, this concept also contributes to waste reduction.

How does it work?

About 1 hour after the end of lunch service, these dishes are packaged in reusable containers (on deposit), or in 100% compostable packaging (made from cane fiber), and labeled NØ GASPI on a PLA lid (made from cornstarch) with a “use by” date reminder, by the restaurant team.

Inside the refrigerated display cases in the restaurants is special area where the dishes offered at lunch are arranged along with cold starters and desserts, as well.