The Ecovadis assessment validates the efforts of companies integrating a real CSR program. Based on evidence, the assessment is internationally recognized: the platform rates more than 75,000 companies from 160 countries and 200 sectors.

Four fields are scrutinized: the environment, ethics, labor, and human rights, as well as sustainable procurement.

It’s a great catalyst, and a constant challenge, to be compared with companies in the same sector of activity.


With this gold medal, Novae is in the top 3% of its sector!


Laura Chatel, our CSR Manager, says, “This shows great improvement, compared to last year’s silver medal! Over the last few months, our purchasing department formalized its good practices to better document their procedures and clearly express a line of conduct in accordance with Novae’s values: Quality and Proximity. Also new is the Sustainable Purchasing Charter which further involves our suppliers.


Among the four main areas of ECOVADIS, the “Environment” category received the highest score, in additional recognition of the effort made to document impact and to formalize policy.


Performance is also recognized on the training/career management/worker and consumer health and safety components — the score on these topics was already very good last year!”

Ecovadis Gold