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We do what we say!

Responsible purchasing, ecological footprint reduction, workplace well-being, sponsorship and inclusion initiatives through employment: Novae is thoroughly committed to improving its impact on society and the planet.

Commitment… to responsible purchasing


Since 2009, Novae has set itself on a track that combines quality and ethics by rigorously selecting products, developing a responsible supply network and forming close ties with its agricultural partners throughout the region. Before they begin working with us, each of our suppliers signs our Responsible Purchasing Charter, which includes commitments linked to ethical practices, workplace safety, animal well-being and environmental preservation. Our sustainability requirement is thus one of the major drivers that guides our actions, with priority placed on local origins, the choice of respectful production methods and respect for the seasonal cycles of fruits and vegetables.


Commitment… to the environment


The pursuit of sustainability in how we conduct our activities is essential. It is accomplished through concrete initiatives such as our No Gaspi concept and our partnership with Zero-Waste. We also optimise delivery logistics and develop alternatives to disposable packaging. Novae is aware of the current climate challenges, and in effort to not hinder environmental progress, we strive to reduce our footprint involving products of animal origin by seeking out responsible and sustainable meat production chains and developing plant-based alternatives.


Commitment… to society


From fighting hunger (annual production of 5,000 litres of soup for the neediest people) and promoting social-professional integration and inclusion (hiring disabled people in our establishments) to supporting farmers (Novae’s support fund for local farming heritage), there are many causes and projects of general interest in which  Novae Restauration invests. These projects are mostly the fruit of our employees’ or partners’ conviction to the importance of playing an active role for our community.

Our commitment has naturally expanded  over time, making our activity more meaningful and highly  aligned with our values of sharing and fellowship.

In January 2022, Novae published its first sustainable development report, which provides a transparent and comprehensive assessment of its sustainability performance and specifies the company’s direction and ambitions for 2025.

Fresque - Rapport développement durable Novae

Five-part fresco created by Twist’s inclusive studio, including people with disabilities, based on Novae’s five areas of sustainable development.

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Novae has been supporting local producers since 2016 in the form of micro-credits allocated to selected projects. This support fund keeps evolving, thanks to the partnership established in 2020 with Yes We Farm — the first Swiss crowdfunding platform dedicated to agriculture and food.