Saveurs du coin


We have been working with this partner, located in Lussery-Villars in Vaud Canton, since 2012.

Since 2012, Novae and the Vaudois farm, “Les Saveurs du Coin” owned by the Chappuis-Briaux family in Lussery-Villars, have been working hand in hand when it comes to fattening pigs under optimal conditions — a community-driven partnership that allows all Novae restaurants to enjoy high quality pork from purebred pigs.


“In a rapidly changing agricultural world, to do everything possible to ensure the sustainability and development of our operation, in particular through direct farm sales. To be in agreement with the principles of responsible and sustainable production and fair trade, which are the very essence of our profession. To provide our customers with genuine quality products at competitive prices, while providing a farming family fair compensation for their work. To share and maintain enriching and stimulating town-country relations!”


The Chappuis-Briaux Family