Deer on Lachar Family farm

The Lachat family was granted the Novae’s support fund to develop its deer farm.

Upon the creation of the Novae fund, the jury dedicated it to the Lachat family who have been raising deer since 2011. It enabled them to develop their livestock by buying does from Poland. Free-range in a 27-hectare park that meets all legal requirements and is accessible to hikers, the deer have space to thrive. They feed themselves, thanks to the wild vegetation present in the park, and supplement their needs with grass, hay, or even fruit and vegetables. The park now has between 200 and 300 animals.

This partnership ensures a viable and sustainable business for the Lachat family, as well as its partners, breeder, slaughterhouse, and butcher, while preserving production methods that respect both the animals and the environment.

For Novae and its clients, tasty and high quality meat certified Bourgeon Bio Suisse, with a direct supply and perfect traceability.