This is the season for... red berries

We went to meet Adèle Airaud, the agricultural engineer in charge of production at Pitteloud Fruits in Ardon (VS), and tasted delicious red berries – assorted varieties of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries — with surprisingly different tastes and textures.

“What goes in our restaurants must be of impeccable quality. Here, not only what I tasted is truly remarkable but you can see that nothing is left to chance, as well. Quality control is very strict: the fruit is picked when ripe, each row is monitored every two to three days to take only that which is ripe, the trays are referenced by the picker and checked before transport. These are really beautiful products,” explains Patrick Frenot, Purchasing Director.

Additionally, in order to avoid food waste, damaged fruit is set aside for use in preserves or syrups.

Endowed with valuable nutritional qualities, low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat, rich in fiber and vitamin C — but not only — red berries can be consumed without moderation.